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By Richard Schneider

Have you been bothered by nagging concerns about some of the CCM musical styles?

Did you ever feel like there was “something” that didn’t “feel quite right” about the whole thing?

Personally, I have often participated in such services and have had difficulty “entering in” into the whole CCM Praise/worship experience.  I never really quite understood why not.  I had always attributed it to being so “tradition-bound” or that I really didn’t love the Lord with my whole heart and surrender myself to the movement of His Holy Spirit.  Or worse: simply because I was a pipe organ builder, that the whole genre of music would somehow be a “threat” to my existence!

At the same time, I didn’t want to “find myself fighting against God” and considered it to be a situation where I needed to grow into the whole thing Spiritually.

But then again: perhaps not.

ccmWhy I left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement
by Dan Lucarini

What this book has to say with regards to the CCM “camp”; particularly the “Christian rock” faction completely agrees with why my Spirit has always had a certain amount of resistance to all of this.

The author of this book does a Scripturally convincing analysis of the whole CCM music scene and arrives at the conclusion that those who are CCM leaders, Pastors and people trying to reach the unchurched through “seeker” services are really opening themselves up, unwittingly, to bringing the Devil’s music into the Church, where it really doesn’t belong.  Despite the fact that the lyrics are obviously changed to protect the guilty, there is an incredible SEDUCTIVE POWER there is inherent to the BEAT of this genre of music, irrespective of what the words that accompanies it may say.

The author carefully examines and walks the reader through how CCM can be the enemy’s way by which sinful corrupt man tries to take their own self-centeredness and unwillingness to give up the ways of the world (AKA rock/pop music), try to clean it up and make it presentable to God.

He goes “under the covers” to examine some of the practices he had found within the CCM movement, including sexual immorality, drugs and a host of other vices which should be far removed from the life of a practicing Christian.

Now, before you conclude that this is the ventings of a disillusioned fallen CCM leader, let me say that this is from a VERY RESPECTED leader who was himself very much INTO CCM, and came to have the truth of the matter revealed to him by the Lord through a number of circumstances, including the near-loss of his marriage.

This book certainly has re-defined my viewpoint regarding CCM although I have seen some positive “fruit of the spirit” in my own life and still tend to think that it was (and still is!) a positive thing.  That notwithstanding, I still wonder if the music is REALLY what God wants as His highest and best for us?

I encourage people to buy copies for their Pastors and the Worship team leaders and ask them to read them without “biasing” them ahead of time by giving them much of an idea of what this is all about.

The gift of music is an incredibly powerful medium which can be used, either rightly by God or wrongly by the Enemy, and it truly is not “amoral”!

I offer a link to this book because all of this ties in with what I do with my life and the tenets of my Mission Statement.  I have seen evidence in my own work of how the Devil has also tried to corrupt even the Traditional music in the church by leading so many of the musicians and clergy leadership down the paths of corruption and immorality.

I highly encourage those struggling with the CCM movement to get and read the book, especially if your church is just now beginning down the garden path into the CCM movement.  This may well prove to be something pivotal in your life, as well as the lives of those you are responsible for as a shepherd or musician.  Remember that what you do may well affect the Spiritual condition in people’s lives!

This is not to say that ALL CCM is intrinsically bad or inevitably leads to some kind of blatant evil or immorality.  Quite the contrary in MANY cases, but at the very least: this book certainly helps both people with a vested interest in this genre of worship music and the casual listener in the pew alike.  We should “put on the full armor of God” and have sufficient tools and resources by which to judge what is happening in our own situations and experiences, rather than just being forced to swallow the entire CCM concept as being the only relevant worship style for the 21st Century without protest or discussion.  Rather like St. Paul admonishes Christians to ‘test the spirits” to see if they are genuinely of God, I believe that likewise, ALL music, including that of the CCM genre, should be put through the fire to purify it and to burn up the dross.  Hopefully/prayerfully, this book will assist you in arriving at that worthy end.

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