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2507A Leeper Court
Champaign, IL 61822
(217) 689-4286
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  • Project Management
  • Business Needs Assessment
  • User Interface design and development.
  • Involved in most phases of computer design and development, from low-level device driver through to high level tool design and usage.
  • Ability to select the right language or tool to use to implement the solution to a problem.
  • Web site design and development.
  • Operating System level design and programming.
  • Ability to locate and resolve problems in computers down to the component level quickly.
  • Novell network installation and support.
  • NT Server installation and support.


Specific Work History

2014 to present   Consultant
2013 to 2014 IT Manager, Martin One Source, Champaign Illinois
2000 to 2013   Consultant programming for various companies
1998 to 2000 Project Manager / Lead Programmer, Computer Learning Systems, Champaign, Illinois.
1988 to 1998 Manager of Software Development; Computer Teaching Corporation, Champaign, Illinois.
1986 to 1988 Manager of Software Development, Government Systems Division; Carroll Touch, Round Rock Texas.
1984 to 1986 Senior Firmware Engineer; Carroll Touch.
1982 to 1984 Manager of Software Development; Regency Systems, Champaign, Illinois
1980 to 1982 Systems Programmer; Regency Systems.
1979 to 1980 Accounting and Utilities Programmer; Regency Management Service, Champaign Illinois.
1977 to 1979 Systems Programmer; University of Illinois, CERL – PLATO, Champaign, Illinois.



  • Designed and implemented WBT system for training on the Fair Housing Act used throughout Texas.
  • Designed javascript course structure for WBT used by several projects.
  • Developed tools to make production of lessons easier in Asymetrix Toolbook; included processing the “Next” button, handling playing of audio at appropriate times, student scoring and instructor replay of student actions.
  • Generated openscript code to generate Action Editor coding, allowing for web delivery
    of Instructor 8.X courseware.
  • Rewrote disk I/O routines to bring them up from PC-DOS 1.0 to 3.3; major increase in functionality provided, including the addition of file sharing and network access.
  • Managed the development of font editor and font plotting routines.
  • Managed, designed and/or programmed various editors, including the development of a new source editor.
  • Assisted in the design and programming of a test system written in C that is usable by both engineering and manufacturing departments to test touch panel products using scripts built for each product.
  • Designed & managed the development of a Mouse Emulation package for touch systems.
  • Designed and programmed Z80-based systems software for computer based training (CBT) using assembly language and a company-developed language called USE. Programs included editors, compilers, assemblers and the implementation of specific
    high-level commands.
  • Designed and programmed a 8K boot-up PROM for a Z80-based CBT system.
  • Wrote file management systems, printer driver routines, student management routines.
  • Designed and programmed a Student Interview Scheduling System.
  • Developed a user directory system for users on a world-wide computer system
  • Implemented the bi-directional updating of the database from the various mainframes stationed around the world.
  • Standardized the user interface for a computer-generated music system.
  • Developed a church pledge and gift tracking system.
  • Designed the user interface that is used as the standard interface for all Carroll Touch products.
  • Designed and programmed the initial Smart-Frame® series of touch systems on a Motorola 68705.
  • Developed firmware routines to determine when IR light beams are interrupted by a stylus; modified these routines through several years of hardware development during which time programmable amplifiers, current injection, and other modifications were made to increase the responsiveness and accuracy of touch panels.
  • Developed 8051 touch/display firmware which meets military BIT requirements.



  • Program Manager in Matrix-based organization responsible for bringing four projects to fruition using a variety of talent from the organization (Design, Graphics, Instructional Design, Programming).
  • Supervised nine full-time programmers and technical writers.
  • Supervised three firmware engineers.
  • Created a Software Configuration Control procedure that met military development requirements but was flexible enough for commercial development.
  • Provided leadership for electrical engineers when they programmed firmware.
  • Managed 1.2 M departmental budget.
  • Provided software or firmware input for all quotes – prepared budget for personnel and equipment for custom projects.
  • Generated specifications for firmware and test programs.



  • HTML, DHTML, PHP, ASP, other related web-based languages
  • mySQL and other database interfaces
  • Data-based website development
  • Support for Quantum Accounting Package
  • Support for GOPD purchase order system
  • Support for various other shopping carts, paypal interface
  • Javascript
  • Asymetrix/Click2Learn Toolbook Openscript and Action Editor System
  • VB and other Microsoft languages in Visual Interdev
  • Various assembler languages and other obsolete languages such as Fortran, PL/1